Custom Flower Essence
Custom Flower Essence
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Custom Flower Essence

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Your emotions determine the quality of your life! Flower essences contain therapeutic benefits that aid in soothing and balancing the emotions and managing everyday choices. Flower essences work to bring people's awareness in to the present moment. Releasing emotional tension caused by past experiences or worrying about the future. In the present moment is where we can see things clearly and make better choices for our life.

Gentle and easy to use. Place 5 drops on the tongue, or add to a beverage. 

We offer single flower essences, as well as custom blends from our large selection of locally crafted essences. Sold by the 1/2 oz bottle.

We source our essences in bulk from Primrose apothecary based in Portland, Oregon. We also carry classical essences from the Flower Essence Society based in Nevada City, California. Your custom blend or single essence will be lovingly bottled and labeled here in our shop. If you have any questions, please call the shop at 971-808-8093.

P - Primrose Apothecary

FES - Flower Essence Society

Available Flower Essences:

Agrimony (FES)
Aloe Vera (FES)
Alpine Lily (FES)
Angelica (P)
Angle Trumpet (P)
Arnica (P)
Aspen (FES)
Baby Blye Eyes (FES)
Banana Flower (FES)
Basil (FES)
Beech (FES)
Black Cohosh (FES)
Blackberry (FES)
Black-Eyed Susan (FES)
Bleeding Heart (P)
Borage (P)
Buttercup (FES)
Calendula (P)
California Pitcher Plant (FES)
California Poppy (P)
California Wild Rose (FES)
Calla Lily (FES)
Canyon Dudleya (FES)
Cayenne (FES)
Cedar (P)
Centaury (FES)
Cerato (FES)
Chamomile (FES)
Chaparral (FES)
Cherry Plum (FES)
Chestnut Bud (FES)
Chicory (FES)
Chrysanthemum (FES)
Corn (FES)
Cosmos (FES)
Cleavers (P)
Clematis (P)
Crab Apple
Crypress (P)
Dandelion (P)
Deerbrush (FES)
Dill (FES)
Dogwood (FES)
Echinacea (P)
Elm (FES)
Evening Primrose (FES)
Fairy Lantern (FES)
Fawn Lily (FES)
Filaree (FES)
Forget Me Not (FES)
Foxglove (P)
Fuchsia (P)
Garlic (P)
Gentian (FES)
Ginger (P)
Golden Ear Drops (FES)
Goldenrod (P)
Gorse (FES)
Grape Hyacinth (P)
Heather (FES)
Hellebore (P)
Hibiscus (FES) 
Holly (FES)
Hound's Tongue (FES)
Honeysuckle (P)
Hornbeam (FES)
Horsetail (P)
Hyssop (P)
Impatiens (FES)
Indian Paintbrush (FES)
Indian Pink (FES)
Iris (FES)
Jasmine (P)
Joshua Tree (FES)
Juniper (P)
Lavender (FES)
Lady's Slipper (FES)
Larch (FES)
Larkspur (FES)
Lavender (P)
Lilac (P)
Lotus (FES)
Love-Lies-Bleeding (FES)
Lupin (P)
Madia (FES)
Mallow (FES)
Manzanita (P)
Mariposa Lily (FES)
Milkweed (FES)
Mimulus (FES)
Monkshood (FES)
Morning Glory (P)
Mountain Pennyroyal (FES)
Mountain Pride (FES)
Mugwort (FES)
Mullein (P)
Mustard (FES)
Nasturtium (FES)
Nettle (P)
Nicotiana (FES)
Oak (FES)
Olive (FES)
Oregon Grape (P)
Penstemon (FES)
Peppermint (FES)
Pine (P)
Pink Monkeyflower (FES)
Pink Yarrow (FES)
Poison Oak (FES)
Pomegranate (FES)
Pretty Face (FES)
Primrose (P)
Purple Monkeyflower (FES)
Quaking Grass (FES)
Queen Ann's Lace (P)
Quince (FES)
Rabbitbrush (FES)
Red Chestnut (FES)
Red Clover (FES)
Redwood (FES)
Rose (P)
Rosemary (P)
Rowan (P)
Sage (FES)
Sagebrush (P)
Saguaro (FES)
Scarlet Monkeyflower (FES)
Scotch Broom (FES)
Self-Heal (FES)
Shasta Daisy (FES)
Shooting Star (P)
Snapdragon (FES)
Spreading Phlox (FES)
Star Thistle (FES)
Star Tulip (FES)
Sticky Monkeyflower (FES)
St. John's Wort (P)
Sunflower (P)
Sweet Pea (P)
Tansy (FES)
Teasel (P)
Thistle (P)
Tiger Lily (FES)
Trillium (FES)
Trumpet Vine (FES)
Tulip (P)
Violet (P)
White Trumpet Lily (FES)
Wild Oat (FES)
Willow (FES)
Wood Betony (P)
Wormwood (P)
Yarrow (P)
Yerba Santa (FES)
Yellow Dock (P)
Yellow Star Tulip (FES)
Zinnia (FES)


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