Dandelion Essence
Dandelion Essence
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Dandelion Essence

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Flower Essence- Acceptance

Planetary Characteristics: Sun/ Jupiter/ Air Element

Latin Name: “Taraxacum officinale’

From The Flower Attunement Guide Book

Make a wish! It's no coincidence that we make wishes with fluffy Dandelion seeds. Ruled by lucky Jupiter, we send our prayers through our breath hoping to reach the heavens. Dandelions are (surprisingly) one of the most useful plants. All parts can be used, and they provided a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Dandelions purify us by strengthening our liver and helping us to release toxins. Jupiter works through Dandelion to build our blood nourishing our body and regulating our blood sugar. Dandelions can be bitter, which can promote healthy digestion.

We can learn to accept life's hardships through this. Jupiter with its luck, in turn, can create imbalance, and become too much of a good thing. Too much sweetness can cause disharmony in the body. Dandelions have a unique quality of capturing the Sunlight and drawing this into its root system eventually returning it to Air. With expansive Jupiter in its energy, the sun energy in Dandelion draws in confidence and personal power and distributes this all through our mind, body, and spirit. The strength it offers in building our immune systems and helping us feel at peace and accept life's challenges.

Flower essence tinctures work by modifying energy flow through the typical acupuncture meridians. Shifts in these energetic patterns influence the consciousness in helpful ways both emotionally and physically. These homeopathic remedies can be described as “vibrational” or energy medicine. Flowers themselves contain the highest concentration of life force energy of the plant. Through the sun infusion method, we can harness the healing vibrational pattern and energy of the flower. This is imprinted in the water and then preserved as medicine. Preserved with brandy but can be replaced with glycerin upon request.

The flower essence of Dandelion is only the vibration of the plant and no plant material is used in the harvesting process.

This can be used as a tincture ingested neat, or added to water, tea whatever you feel. I recommend one drop in water three times a day. All of the essences can also be added to a bath.

Made intentionally by hand in Portland, OR


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