Four Nobles

Four Nobles

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Four Nobles

One of the well-known formulas of the Chinese tradition, this formula is traditionally given to those who are fatigued with a weak appetite and, in general, there will be a tendency towards chilliness, and an adverse reaction to eating rich foods, such as abdominal pain.  These problems may have several sources, but all involve a weakening of the central qi.  Among the possible causes are overwork, excessive anxiety and brooding, irregular eating habits, and repeated exposure to unfavorable weather conditions.

This formula represents the basis of qi regulating formulas in Chinese herbal medicine. Regulating qi is seen as a core function in physical, emotional, and spiritual processes. This formula may help aid one in the effort to replenish qi, strengthen the will, sharpen the senses, improve the thoughts, cultivate virtue, and thereby become a noble person.


American Ginseng A potent qi tonic known to improve nutrient absorption. Replenishes yin which makes it a more sustainable option than Chinese ginseng.

Atractylodes - Strengthens spleen function and dries excess dampness.

Poria - Strengthens the spleen and drains dampness.

Licorice - Qi tonic, strengthens spleen, protects yin, harmonizes the stomach.


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