Garlic Essence
Garlic Essence
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Garlic Essence

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Flower Essence- Purification

Planetary characteristics: Mars

Latin Name: Allium Sativum

From The Flower Attunement Guide Book-

The organosulfur compound is a sulfur compound that can be found in diverse locations: from living organisms to volcanoes, even deep within the ocean. Organosulfur compounds exist in the bodies of a variety of plants and animals and used as a defense and a secretion to ward off predators due to its unpleasant odors. However related types of organosulfur can be pleasant like in garlic unless you are a vampire (ha-ha).

No, but seriously. Garlic has an abundance of health benefits due to its variety of medicinal qualities. However, the organosulfur packs a Mars quality that helps burn away and dissolve toxins from the body. When we feel drained or depressed after we spend time with certain friends and family, this could be a sign that you have allowed your life force energy to become open and susceptible to drainage. Garlic grounds us into our bodies and helps us take our energy back with fiery Mars. Empaths and healers can become open to taking on other people's energy or become drained by other people's energy. Boundaries are a constant dance in the human experience, and garlic flower essence helps us to ward off emotional and spiritual vampires by cleansing us. That, paired with the help of purifying fiery Mars, we can feel safe in our body and be grounded to Earth.

Flower essence tinctures work by modifying energy flow through the typical acupuncture meridians. Shifts in these energetic patterns influence the consciousness in helpful ways both emotionally and physically. These homeopathic remedies can be described as “vibrational” or energy medicine. Flowers themselves contain the highest concentration of life force energy of the plant. Through the sun infusion method, we can harness the healing vibrational pattern and energy of the flower. This is imprinted in the water and then preserved as medicine. Preserved with brandy but can be replaced with glycerin upon request.

The flower essence of Garlic is only the vibration of the plant and no plant material is used in the harvesting process.

This can be used as a tincture ingested neat, or added to water, tea whatever you feel. I recommend one drop in water three times a day. All of the essences can also be added to a bath.

1/2 oz 15 ml

Made intentionally by hand in Portland, OR


results very and are not 100% guaranteed.

The blends are not intended to replace any medical or mental treatments by a qualified health physician. This information is for educational purposes.


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