Honeysuckle Essence

Honeysuckle Essence

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Flower Essence- Bitter Sweet

Planetary Characteristics: Jupiter/ Saturn

Latin Name: Lonicera Caprifolium

From The Flower Attunement Guide Book-

Honeysuckle is bittersweet. Its actions help with all kinds of ailments, from respiratory issues to digestive problems. This delicate little flower is -nonetheless- a powerhouse of healing. It is sweet to taste but bitter at the same time, helping it aid in relieving digestive issues. Honeysuckle has extraordinary antiviral and antibacterial properties. It's been used to treat tuberculosis, salmonella, and swelling of the brain. Medical astrologer Nicholas Culpeper describes Honeysuckle to have “a Jupiter quality.” Medicinally, Jupiter is the fire element that remedies inflammation (think fighting fire with fire). Jupiter reminds us of the sweetness in life. The bittersweet qualities of Honeysuckle help us to let go of what holds us back in life. Sometimes we feel we want to do it all over again, a second chance if you will, but it's a trap. It merely disallows us to grow and expand. Honeysuckle roots deep into the Earth and can climb expanding upward and outward, much like its effect on the body. Fun fact: it is deeply loved by goats, its Latin name was given in honor of the Capricorn.

Flower essence tinctures work by modifying energy flow through the typical acupuncture meridians. Shifts in these energetic patterns influence the consciousness in helpful ways both emotionally and physically. These homeopathic remedies can be described as “vibrational” or energy medicine. Flowers themselves contain the highest concentration of life force energy of the plant. Through the sun infusion method, we can harness the healing vibrational pattern and energy of the flower. This is imprinted in the water and then preserved as medicine. Preserved with brandy but can be replaced with glycerin upon request.

The flower essence of Honeysuckle is only the vibration of the plant and no plant material is used in the harvesting process.

This can be used as a tincture ingested neat, or added to water, tea whatever you feel. I recommend one drop in water three times a day. All of the essences can also be added to a bath.

Made intentionally by hand in Portland, OR


results very and are not 100% guaranteed.

The blends are not intended to replace any medical or mental treatments by a qualified health physician. This information is for educational purposes.


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