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Liver Love

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Liver Love

DREDGE AND CLEANSE - Milk Thistle, Burdock, Dandelion, Licorice and Ginger work together in this elixir to build, tonify and strengthen the liver.

Why bother paying special attention to your liver?

Because this incredible organ performs myriad physical and psychological functions. 

Generally speaking, the liver puts all kinds of nutrients to work while metabolising toxins and waste, boosting our ability to regenerate. It filters blood, enabling the body to better spread oxygen and sustenance to each and every cell. 

On a higher level of being, the liver houses anger and hostility; so taking good care of this organ can help us process these impulses. 


Milk Thistle rebuilds the liver after damage due to pollutants, toxins and other undesirable agents. It contains silymarins - unique compounds that protect, bolster and replenish the organ. Milk Thistle also removes congestion in organs overall, aiding the body as it rids itself of waste.

Burdock clears out pathogens and infections, showing strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammitory properties. It cools and protects - particularly useful in states of chronic bodily stress. 

Dandelion serves as a digestive bitter, encouraging the production of bile and the assimilation of nutrients. This plant also removes heat from the liver, which may prove useful whilst feeling irritability, anger and tension.

Licorice moderates and amplifies the effects of the other herbs, while tonifying most of the organs. Many use this herb to counter the effects of burnout - a fitting compliment to healing the effects of anger and irritability.

Ginger warms, and potentiates the other herbs like Licorice. 


Suggested Use:

Shake well.

1-2 droppers , 1-3 times daily in 2oz of water.

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