Lover's Elixir

Lover's Elixir

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Lover's Elixir

A powerful aphrodisiac blend formulated to boost the libido, enhance pleasure, and facilitate connection. 



He Shou Wu - Tonifies the reproductive organs, replenishes energy reserves and general vitality, boosts the libido. 

American Ginseng - Used to treat sexual dysfunction and enhance desire in traditional Chinese medical practices.

Blue Lotus - Used traditionally as an aphrodisiac by ancient Egyptians. A mildly psychoactive flower that is known to relieve anxiety, and induce a relaxed and sensual state.

Damiana - Increases sexual arousal and stamina, boosts the mood, while relieving stress.

Goji - Traditionally used as a sexual tonic. These red berries gently promote testosterone production, which in turn stimulates sex drive. And they're great for overall mood, and the appearance of skin as well!

Rose - Rose is the traditional symbol for love and desire, this well known and revered flower is opening to the heart and relaxing to the body. 


Suggested Use:

Shake well.

1-4 droppers , As Desired.



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