Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

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Lucid Dream

A euphoric blend of herbs used traditionally to induce lucid dreaming and trance states. 



Holy Basil - Elevates the mood, relaxes the body, brings a pleasant state of calm. 

Blue Lotus - Euphoric, mildly psychoactive, used by ancient Egyptians to induce trance states.

Mugwort - Sacred artemisia, ruled the moon. The herb as been used since ancient times for divination. Mugwort is well known to induce vivid, and sometimes intense dream states.  

Rose - This well known and revered flower is opening to the heart and relaxing to the body. The dualistic nature of Rose also makes for an excellent spiritual aid in dream work, being this flower is associated with protection, the underworld, and secrecy. 

Chamomile - Traditionally used to treat irritability, restlessness, anxiety.


Suggested Use:

Shake well.

1-3 droppers , 30 minuets before bed.



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