Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf

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Urtica dioica


Urticaceae (nettle)


Aerial parts


Sweet, bitter, earthen, stimulating


Nutritive, antirheumatic, hemostatic, antiallergic


Skin, liver, kidneys, bladder


There would be a shorter list of what Nettle can’t be used for. Nettle has a very broad spectrum of applications, and in general is a strengthening tonic to the entire body system. The more well-known uses are to reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies and to clean the blood. The high micronutrient content such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids make it a remarkably nutritive herb. Nettle both detoxifies and nourishes tissues at the same time, making it a tonic for the whole body. It removes waste products in the joints to treat gout, arthritis, and muscle soreness. Blemishes on the skin often occur from an overload of waste products accumulating in the blood be it environmental toxins, inflammatory byproducts from a not-so-great diet, or unprocessed hormones. Nettle helps clear the skin of blemishes and eruptions, while adding micronutrients that make the skin give a healthy glow. The high mineral content feeds the nerves to ground the system, and feeds our tissues to grow healthy hair, skin, nails, and all tissues. In cases of anemia from excessive menstrual flow, Nettle works to slow the rate of bleeding while adding iron and other nutrients to replenish the deficiency. During and after pregnancy nettle is used as a plant-based iron source, to normalize low blood pressure, to increase lactation, and to reduce postpartum symptoms.


None reported.


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