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Wildish Botanicals is a collaborative apothecary based in Portland, Oregon, offering ethically and locally sourced botanicals. We believe that striving for personal wellness is everyone’s right and that community-based herbalism is an essential element for a vibrant, thriving society.

         Because we recognize the Earth as a source of healing, we collaborate with farmers, foragers, and vendors who hold ecosystem health as their highest priority. We source most of our bulk herbs within 300-miles of our shop and support cultivators who value a healthy balance between productivity and sustainability. Our Wildish brand of tinctures, capsule and teas have been formulated from years of research and are produced following rigorous standards.

         Wildish is a safe and accessible space where ancient traditions are honored and the evolution of knowledge is celebrated. Here you will find educational opportunities, tools and guidance to enhance your personal pathway to healing. We believe, above all else, that Earth’s medicine is everyone’s medicine.

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