Floral Sage Bundle
Floral Sage Bundle
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Floral Sage Bundle

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White Sage is for removing negative energy and cleansing spaces and objects.

This floral sage bundle measures 4 to 5 inches in length.

To use, light one end and direct the smoke from the burning sage stick to the area that needs to be cleansed. 

California White Sage Company 

A family owned business located in San Diego. They have been growing white sage for over a decade.

California White Sage’s fields range along the coastal region of San Diego County and in Baja California, Mexico. All their white sage comes from cultivated fields. They do not harvest wild white sage on public lands. California White Sage Company grows and produces white sage sustainably. They also grow Yerba Santa and Rosemary.

At California White Sage Company fields, their plants reach full maturity and are only harvested after being established for at least 1 year. We employ experienced hand harvesters who gather without destroying the plants.

Their crew selects a small section from each plant to harvest, returning to cut after the plant has recovered from the previous yield. Growing White Sage in their own field, allows them to offer a constant inventory.


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