Cordyceps 1:1 - Capsules

Cordyceps 1:1 - Capsules

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Dual Extract - 60 Capsules

Organic ingredients. 

Cordyceps nourishes the kidneys and lungs, assists in oxygen utilization and gladdens the spirit. 

Ecologists have identified over 400 species of Cordyceps, and this fungus makes itself at home across the Himalayan mountains and into tropical rainforests.

Intriguing research suggests that cordyceps may inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells throughout the body.

Athletes have provided ample anecdotal evidence that Cordyceps enhances physical performance, proving useful for exercise, physical labor and the like.


Why aren't these all 8:1 dual extracts anymore?

After reviewing the latest lab results on our mushroom extracts, we found that many of the 8:1 dual extracted mushrooms yielded the same or even less of the active constituents as our 1:1 extracts. For example, Cordyceps 10:1 dual extract yielded 22% polysaccharides and 1.8% cordycepin; whereas Cordyceps 1:1 yielded 48% polysaccharides and 2.2% cordycepin. This is likely because of the alcohol extraction. Alcohol is great at extracting some constituents, but will denature others. Note: quantity of active constituents will vary from batch to batch.

We have decided to keep our Reishi 8:1 extract as per our test results it definitely benefits from the alcohol extraction. Moving forward we will be supplying all other mushrooms as 1:1 extracts. That way, our extracts will be as potent, or more-so, at a lower price.

We asked the manufacturer about the differences we see in these results. They informed us that mostly, they offer the 8:1 concentrated extracts not because they believe them to be more potent than the 1:1 extracts, but because health and wellness companies want to claim they have a more potent product than their competitors. While alcohol can be a great way to extract certain medicinal benefits, that is not true for all herbs and mushrooms. In this case, we decided the simplicty of a hot water extract is best!

We're staying up-to-date about new research findings and adjusting our offerings to provide the best products we can at affordable rates. Thanks for remaining flexible with us!


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