Digestive Kit
Digestive Kit
Digestive Kit
Digestive Kit
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Digestive Kit

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The Digestive Kit

Our Wellness Kits offer the most cost-effective way to receive well-rounded care on your journey toward holistic health.

The Digestive Kit is an essential component in any wellness journey because the digestive tract is the main source of toxins in the body. 

We assembled this kit with our three most supportive products for flushing out waste and absorbing essential nutrients. This purifying trifecta includes everything you need to prevent and soothe a wide variety of gut related issues, including acne and chronic headaches.

Gut Detox (60 capsules)

The robust synergy of these powerful allies offers relief from stomach cramping, acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, nausea, gassiness, and diarrhea. The capsules can also be taken to soothe irritable bowel diseases, ulcers, leaky gut, and intestinal infections. 

 This gentle yet powerfully cleansing blend starts by easing inflammation, moving stagnation in the bowels, and expelling any built-up toxins or mucus.

These herbs get to work at repairing any damaged intestinal cells. This strengthens and tones the gut walls, helping to remove waste smoothly and efficiently in the future.

How to Take: Consume 1-2 capsules up to 3 times daily for regular gut maintenance.

Ancient Plant Minerals (2 oz)

This product is an extract made from nutrient rich soil deposits from forests dating approximately 60-350 million years back. 

Basically, it’s dirt.

But not just any dirt. 

This special dirt is known as humus, and it is the most mineral dense form of soil on Earth.

These minerals fuel about 95% of all metabolic processes in humans, which are the systems that the body uses to source energy. Digestion is a star player in this category.

As well, the acids in humus are in ionic form. 

This means that your body can easily absorb the minerals at the cellular level. Minerals found in food are more difficult to absorb because they must make the lengthy journey through the digestive tract and filter through the liver. The ionic charge also binds to toxins like heavy metals and swiftly expels them from the body.

Because this soil was fully decomposed over millions of years, it acts as a sort of prebiotic, meaning it encourages the flourishing of beneficial probiotics in the body.

Our Ancient Plant Minerals is rigorously purified and lab tested to create a food-grade supplement that is safe for long term consumption.

How to Take: Dilute 1 dropperful in water or beverage of your choice, up to 5x/day. We like to add 1 dropperful to each glass of water we drink, and we try to drink at least 3-5 glasses of water per day.

Belly Be Well (2 oz)

The Belly Be Well tincture is an activating blend of herbal bitters including lemon balm, Oregon grape, fennel, licorice, ginger, and peppermint. 

Bitters are known to stimulate the flow of saliva, release digestive hormones, balance stomach acidity, boost bile production in the liver, and nurture healthy gut bacteria. 

 Enhancing these metabolic processes is very effective at calming indigestion, reducing gassiness, increasing nutrient absorption, and toning the stomach muscles for unimpeded bowel movements.

 A unique component of this blend is lemon balm, which is known to soothe the emotional upset that can often contribute to digestive discomfort.

How to Take: Take 1 dropperful on the tongue 30 minutes before meals to stimulate digestive strength, or after food to soothe indigestion.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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