Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

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Pine Pollen 1 oz tincture - available in a larger size upon request




Boost testosterone, Balance hormones, Reduce Fatigue, Antioxidant



Hand-harvested from the wild pine forests of British Columbia. Pine pollen in powder form is an unparalleled, nutrient-dense, unique superfood. A vegan alternative to bee pollen, but better!  Whole-cell, live, raw pine pollen powder has over 200 bioactive phytonutrients.

As a tincture, pine pollen is not only a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but it truly shines for its high content of phytoandrogens. These plant hormones mimic naturally occurring androgen hormones making pine pollen tincture a natural herbal source for those looking to optimize their levels for virility, strength, and healthy aging. 



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