Velvetback was born on a warm day along a dirt trail amongst the trees. A simple statement of, "I'd like to learn how to make incense out of natural things," turned into a deep conversation about the rituals of working with our hands, the healing powers of plants and nature, and a life that could allow me and the people I love most to be outside of the city as much as possible. That conversation never stopped, and Velvetback is the result of these continued discussions.

All materials used for Velvetback products have been harvested from our own herb and flower gardens in Oregon and Washington state, consciously sourced from around the world, or ethically wildcrafted in tiny batches during outdoor adventures.

All soaks and scents were made for and tested by me and my loved ones. Everything that Velvetback has to offer are the themes and the experiences I seek out, in order to recharge my own batteries and reconnect with myself. - Christine Blystone

Made with love in Portland, OR

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