Rose Petals

Rose Petals

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Rose Petals

Rosa sp


Rosaceae (rose)


Petals, calyx


Aromatic, sweet, bitter


Nervine, antidepressant, nootropic


Heart, digestive


Roses are the symbol for love and passion across many cultures, and for good reason. The doctrine of signatures would observe a courageously proud and alluring bloom all the while yielding sharp thorns as messengers to bumbling visitors. Likewise, drinking infusions of rose can reconnect us to the beauty of our own spirit and instill a sense of courage while not being afraid to show our sharp side if we feel mistreated. It imparts self love, strength, and gentleness. Traditionally it is used as a mild heart tonic, to enhance memory, and to soothe irritability. For cases of profound anxiety or heartache, rose would surely be a part of the treatment. Plants in the rose family, including hawthorn, agrimony, peach, blackberry, and raspberries are all considered cooling astringents, indicated for hot inflamed states or when there is loss of blood or fluids. Externally, it is lovely in a lotion, oil, salve, perfume, and especially a bath. The scent of the essential oil sends signals of calmness and satisfaction to the limbic system and changes how we feel. It has been used as a lotion to strengthen the eyes and improve vision, or on the chest in cases of heartache.


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