Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

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Allergy Relief

A tough team of herbs to tackle your congestion, break up phlegm and help you breathe more deeply.

Nettle works wonders to clear out mucous and clear the respiratory tract. It carries nutritive qualities for the body to rebuild membranes, all the while soothing irritation. 

Agrimony acts as an astringent-bitter, stitching up any damaged interior tissues. This herb also assists Nettle in the expulsion of excessive mucous.

Sage contains aromatics which regulate interior Wind - they aid the body in removing toxins and strengthening the blood. Some of these aromatics act as bronchodilators, helping us expand our lungs with full breath.

Mullein serves as a trophorestorative for the lungs, an herb that helps the body rebuild its organs. It can reduce spasms and coughing - traditionally used to treat bronchitis with its soothing qualities.

Calendula and Licorice work to coat and settle an inflamed airway, acting synergistically to relieve discomfort. 


Nettle, Agrimony, Sage, Peppermint, Mullein, Calendula, Licorice 

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