Belly Be Well

Belly Be Well

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Belly Be Good

A balanced bitters blend to calm indigestion, reduce wind, and strengthen the stomach. 


Chamomile - Clears heat in the stomach and intestines, reduces gas and indigestion

Lemon Balm - A soothing carminative, easing digestive and emotional upset, especially when one causes the other

Oregon Grape - A locally abundant bitter herb as well as an anti-microbial with its berberine content

Fennel - contains aromatics that work well to relieve gas and indigestion

Licorice - A trophorestorative for the stomach - providing the body with what it needs to restore function to this organ. Soothes the digestive tract with it demulcent (moistening) properties

Ginger - Strengthens, warms the stomach to relieve discomfort. Ginger's antimicrobial properties can protect against food-borne pathogens

Peppermint - Eases nausea, indigestion, and cramping. Lifts the spirits and lightens the body


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