Blood Builder

Blood Builder

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Blood Builder

Rich in minerals and antioxidants, this delicious blend builds and nourishes the blood. 


Nettle - This herb's high micronutrient content makes it remarkably nourishing. Nettle both detoxifies and nourishes tissues, cleansing the blood and tonifying the whole body.

Oat Straw - Oat straw is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. 

Aurora Red - A blend of four wild Alaskan rose hips. An excellent source of vitamin C, and phytonutrients like flavan-3-ols or catechins. Due to the severe growing conditions of the Alaska wilderness, this blend delivers the most nutrient-dense rose hips in the world. 

Aurora Blue - A blend of 5 wild Alaskan bilberries. Bilberries contain many times the amounts of anthocyanins and bioflavonoids as commercially grown blueberries. Bilberries are a safe herb to restore nutritional deficiencies which can feed tissues such as hair, skin, nails, and the vital organs. Having nourished blood will hydrate these tissues, brighten the eyes, and give the skin a healthy glow.  


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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