Empowerment - 60ct

Empowerment - 60ct

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A blend of adaptogenic roots to support sustainable daily energy. Adaptogens are herbs that are generally safe to take long term by most people, and simulate non-specific adaptations to stressors.

Rhodiola - Increases oxygen uptake to improve mental performance and physical stamina. Excellent mood booster by lengthening the cycle of serotonin (MAOI)

American Ginseng - Potent qi tonic. Replenishes kidney yin which provides a grounding substance to produce energy from, preventing burnout

Ashwagandha - Strengthens by relaxing. Lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. Aids in restful sleep at night, energizes by day

Astragalus - Lung and spleen tonic, improving endurance and absorption of food nutrients


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