Immune Acute

Immune Acute

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Immune Acute

TRIPLE STRENGTH - Echinacea, Oregon Grape, Elderflower and Ginger are here to help level up your immune system by cleaning toxins, phlegm and excessive inflammation.

Echinacea moves stagnation from the lungs, traditionally used to help with colds and flus. Alkamides from this plant act as immunostimulants - interestingly enough through the endocannabinoid system. You heard that right, Echinacea may act like a cannabinoid to boost your ability to fight off infections.

Oregon Grape can fight off pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The plant produces berberine - a potent phytochemical that may provide benefits to a suite of conditions ranging from infection to diabetes. Oregon Grape provides a more sustainable source of berberine than Goldenseal - now endangered due to overharvesting.

Elderflower also takes care of the lungs and potentiates the actions of Echinacea. 

Ginger ties the blend together with a warming and enhancing effect on all of the other plants. 

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