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Knock Out
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Knock Out

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Knock Out

SLEEP SUPPORT -Valerian, California poppy, and Pedicularis unite in this elixir to put you to sleep, and keep you asleep. While we formulate our gentle Prosomnia tincture to deepen sleep and relax the body, this Knock out sleep tincture is formulated entirely of sedating herbs. This tincture is wonderful for those looking to get themselves off of over the counter sleeping medications, which over time can negatively effect your memory and cognitive function.  


Valerian - The queen of sleep. The word "Valerian" translates to "deep sleep". It is sedating, bringing on a gentle get deep drowsiness. This herb is incredibly effective at easing anxious/worried thoughts and a racing mind while relieving muscle pain. 

California poppy - Being a member of the Poppy family, this herb is a useful sedative, but it is not narcotic or addictive. In fact, California Poppy is quite safe and often used as a calming agent for restless, anxious, and irritable children. It is commonly used in formulas to treat anxiety and sleeplessness, including difficulty both falling and staying asleep.

Pedicularis - A skeletal muscle relaxant and nervine herb, Pedicularis has an affinity for shoulder and neck tension and muscular jolts and twitches. Pedicularis  reduces anxiety and improves sleep.


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