Winter Seasonal Remedies

Winter Seasonal Remedies

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A curated collection of recipes // remedies // rituals that foster a deep connection with Autumn. Inspired by the connections to medicines & traditions, this Autumn Seasonal includes:

• Seasonal Recipes
• Ayurveda Wisdom & Tips for Health
• Herbalism & Homemade Remedies
• Digestive Health
• Dreamwork & Herbs
• Archetypes of Autumn
• Rituals
• Watercolor Art

Seasonality is the rhythmic ribbon connecting us to all who came before us and all that lives around & within us. It is the ancient and inseparable tide. This Autumn Seasonal is an invitation to bring the many gifts of Autumn into your heart & hearth, a way to live in healthy harmony with the seasons & celebrate the shifts in delicious ways.

May you find what nourishes you.


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