Four Blessings 8:1 - Capsules

Four Blessings 8:1 - Capsules

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Dual Extract 8:1 - 60 Capsules

Organic Ingredients

Reishi calms heart qi, supports the liver and lifts the spirit. 

Chaga provides unrivaled quantities of antioxidants, which calm inflammation in all bodily systems, and aid recovery.

Lion's Mane assists the body's ability to regenerate neurons - facilitating learning, memory and clarity.

Cordyceps nourishes the yin and yang of the kidneys/adrenals and lungs, assists in oxygen utilization and promotes resilience to stress. 

The Four Blessings blend is an organic, dual extract (alcohol & hot water) of these four mushrooms in a 8:1 ratio, and turned back into a bioavailable powder form. Without extraction, mushrooms are not well absorbed by the body, if at all. 

An 8:1 ratio means that eight pounds of mushrooms goes into one pound of extract. There are no fillers, grains, or mycelium in this product. It comes from the actual mushroom "fruiting bodies". 


1-2 capsules, 1-2x/day. 

Five Guardians vs Four Blessings

Five Guardians is a single (hot water) extract at a 1:1 concentration. Hot water is best able to extract the precious beta-glucans. This blend contains 50%+ beta-glucans and is provided at a lower price point for those who want to use medicinal mushrooms mostly to boost the immune system.

Four Blessings is a dual (alcohol & hot water) extract at a 8:1 concentration. Alcohol extraction obtains other precious constituents such as diterpenes and triterpenes that are responsible for some of the other benefits we want from the mushrooms. The catch is that alcohol denatures some of the beta-glucans, so this blend contains 20%+ beta-glucans, which is still quite high for any mushroom product on the market today. This blend is provided at a higher price point for those who want the full benefits from the mushrooms at a concentrated level.


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