Heart at Ease

Heart at Ease

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Heart at Ease

A heart soothing blend to reduce stress and anxiety.


Fresh Milky Oat Tops - The most effective nervous system restorative we know of. Deeply nourishes the nerves, prolongs circulating dopamine levels, aids deep sleep without being sedative, and boosts libido and virility. Interesting research shows effectiveness treating addiction recovery as well. We feel a particular sense of inner spaciousness and stillness within even amidst chaotic situations when taking Milky Oat.

Lemon Balm - Calms and stabilizes the Heart Spirit. Especially useful when our emotional state affects our digestion, in which it can calm an upset stomach. Lemon Balm lends a sense of spaciousness and euphoria in the heart and mind.

Hawthorn - Trophorestoratives for the heart, meaning it helps normalize the heart to its normal function. In cases of emotional lability, grief, or heartache associated with the heart, Hawthorn should be included. With a distinct affinity for the heart, Hawthorn improves the nutrition, circulation, energy reserves, and energy release of the heart muscle. Some people can actually feel the increase in circulation to the heart.

Holy Basil also known as tulsi, is a relative of common basil that is native to India. This herb is highly regarded in Ayurveda, and is known as the “Queen of Herbs” in Ayurvedic texts. Holy basil is an adaptogen, meaning it increases the body’s ability to adapt to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors. Holy basil has been shown to lower cortisol, improve memory, and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Rose - Because you can't have a heart soothing tincture without adding some plant in the Rose family! The petals provide a good example of how color is medicine. The pigments reduce inflammation in the blood vessels and provide a calming, yet toning action on the cardiovascular system. The astringent quality helps to stabilize the energetic action of the tissues. We can all benefit from the vibe of Rose, able to bloom proudly and with unparalleled beauty while maintaining the prickly thorns to ward off guests unwilling to treat them gently.


Suggested Use:

Shake well.

1-2 Droppers, 1-5x/day.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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