Lavender Essence
Lavender Essence
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Lavender Essence

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Flower Essence- Calming

Planetary Characteristics: Mercury

Latin Name: ‘Lavandula Augustifolia’

From The Flower Attunement Guidebook-

Lavender has endless uses energetically. It is one of the most popular herbs with hundreds of varieties. Its most common use is for calming the nervous system with it's powerful Linalool, a terpene found in over two hundred plants, including cannabis. Lavender has air and water energy and is ruled by Mercury. This helps our mind and emotions find balance. It does this through its calming effect on the nervous system and giving us discernment and the ability to properly communicate our emotions. Lavender also teaches us to be honest with our emotions and find our voice. 


1/2oz 15ml

Made intentionally by hand in Portland, OR


results very and are not 100% guaranteed.

The blends are not intended to replace any medical or mental treatments by a qualified health physician. This information is for educational purposes.


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