Trail Brew

The foundation of TRAIL BREW was laid 14 years ago, the moment Merle & Marshall took their friendship beyond city limits into Oregon's Historic Columbia River Gorge. Year after year, they explored the hiking trails, waterfalls and lakes of the Gorge, learning to listen and give thanks for this paradise planet we call Earth.

As their affinity for nature-based fellowship grows, so has their desire to live lives in harmony with the lands we've learned to love. Like the native peoples before us, we see ourselves as not-separate from Earth; and we see that caring for our body-mind is a prerequisite and extension of caring for the ground and sky we walked between. 

TRAIL BREW was founded as a way of communing with the earth that upholds us, a business that allows us to nourish human bodies while also participating in ecocentric healing efforts. Trail Brew exists to support long-term, regenerative solutions for Earth and fuel nature-based fellowship every step of the way!


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