Lucid Dream Ritual Oil
Lucid Dream Ritual Oil
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Lucid Dream Ritual Oil

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Spirit Flight

Calm the nervous system, and enhance awareness in the dream world. Anoint the temples and chest nightly with this ritual oil. Envision your desired dreamscape, and speak aloud your intention right before sleep. 

This oil is crafted with intention, and great potency. We source our herbs as locally as possible. This brings a special vibrancy to our materia magica. 

All organic, sustainable ingredients. 


Mugwort -

Sacred Artemesia, dedicated to the moon. In folklore, it is said that Mugwort helps the dreamer remember their dreams. It is also said to help increase awareness during dreams, stimulate lucid dreaming, and increase psychic sensitivity.

Blue Lotus - 

The blue lotus high provides a mild sense of tranquillity and euphoria, along with an altered sense of awareness. Some users report a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body and a dream like feeling – as if the life itself were a waking dream.

Lavender -

Lavender works as an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and as a sedative, to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep. Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness.

Base Carrier: Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, trace amounts of cane alcohol as preservative. 



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