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SLEEP SUPPORT - Fresh Milky Oat, Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha, California Poppy, and Chamomile unite in this elixir to relieve an anxious mind, relax a tense body and encourage a healthy night's sleep. While we formulate this gentle Prosomnia tincture to deepen and improve the quality of sleep, we also have a Knock out tincture that is formulated entirely of sedating herbs.


Fresh Milky Oat Tops - The most effective nervous system restorative we know of. Deeply nourishes the nerves, prolongs circulating dopamine levels, aids deep sleep without being sedative, and boosts libido and virility. Interesting research shows effectiveness treating addiction recovery as well. We feel a particular sense of inner spaciousness and stillness within even amidst chaotic situations when taking Milky Oat.

Lemon Balm - Calms and stabilizes the Heart Spirit. Especially useful when our emotional state affects our digestion, in which it can calm an upset stomach. Lemon Balm lends a sense of spaciousness and euphoria in the heart and mind.

Ashwagandha - Known as an intelligent herb that can either promote energy or relaxation as needed by the individual, it has been shown to decrease cortisol, the stress hormone. The common name Ashwagandha translates to “the strength of a horse,” while the latin, somnifera, means “restful sleep”.

California Poppy - Being a member of the Poppy family, this herb is a useful sedative, but it is not narcotic or addictive. In fact, California Poppy is quite safe and often used as a calming agent for restless, anxious, and irritable children. It is commonly used in formulas to treat anxiety and sleeplessness, including difficulty both falling and staying asleep.

Chamomile - A true heart soother, Chamomile calms the nerves and eases irritability. A little known effect is its muscle relaxing effect when used in potent extract form. Flower power.

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