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Cottagecraft is a self-published, richly hand-illustrated book full of tidbits about home magick; it features spells, recipes, and wisdom to cultivate a warm, welcoming hearth with herbal witchcraft. It makes an excellent gift for the beginner or experienced witch (or anyone with a love for the magickal side of life).

Cottagecraft has everything from a house blessing potpourri recipe & a spell to make a home cozier, to a full illustrated how-to on making your own witch's broom & how to get rid of insect pests using nontoxic herbal tricks. It is 24 pages in total, each with their own unique illustrations, with a little section in the back for your own notes and scribbles.

An excellent gift to yourself for some festive witchy self-care, as a housewarming present, and as informational resource for the grimoires of witches young and old.


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