Echinacea Essence
Echinacea Essence
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Echinacea Essence

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Flower Essence- Healing the Voice

Planetary Characteristics: Venus/ Fire Element

Latin Name: ‘Echinacea purpurea’

From The Flower Attunement Guide Book-

Echinacea has been studied intensely for its powerful healing qualities for colds and flu. This effect is due to the chemical component called Cichoric Acid. Not all varieties of Echinacea have this component, but when you are using an over the counter one for an illness, you are receiving its healing qualities. Echinacea has other pharmacological compotes that help fight free radicals and relieve stress and anxiety giving our whole body nurturing, Venus love. Cichoric acid helps support the body's immune function, so it doesn't necessarily build immune strength, but it communicates to the body in support of helping the body find its own strength to ward off invaders.

Our immune health is part of our early development of self-love. When we suffer from trauma and abuse early in life, we become small, and our voice and personal expression can weaken. This can contribute to a compromised immune system. Our Thymus gland is located between our heart and thyroid. It's literally the expression of the heart emotionally. Ruled by Venus, the Thymus nurtures and trains the T-cells in our body to respond when the body is under attack. This response can become misdirected when the body has become traumatized by negative self-talk or bullying that can contribute to an immune response that attacks itself AKA autoimmunity. Echinacea flower essence works through loving Venus and the element of Fire to help heal trauma and abuse around our immune system, helping us love ourselves on a deep level of compassion and understanding.

Flower essence tinctures work by modifying energy flow through the typical acupuncture meridians. Shifts in these energetic patterns influence the consciousness in helpful ways both emotionally and physically. These homeopathic remedies can be described as “vibrational” or energy medicine. Flowers themselves contain the highest concentration of life force energy of the plant. Through the sun infusion method, we can harness the healing vibrational pattern and energy of the flower. This is imprinted in the water and then preserved as medicine. Preserved with brandy but can be replaced with glycerin upon request.

The flower essence of Echinacea is only the vibration of the plant and no plant material is used in the harvesting process.

This can be used as a tincture ingested neat, or added to water, tea whatever you feel. I recommend one drop in water three times a day. All of the essences can also be added to a bath.

Made intentionally by hand in Portland, OR

1/2 oz 15 ml


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