Facial Oil Cleanser

Facial Oil Cleanser

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This cleansing facial oil is a deep pore detox. Cleansing the skin of debris and makeup all while leaving you hydrated and beautifully smooth. Pulls out toxins and dissolves impurities while you cleanse, leaving a fresh and vibrant glow.  The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil helps inflammation and stagnation.

How to use: Use on dry hands and face in the morning or night. Take 1-3 pumps directly into palms and gently massage in a circular motion (more in your congested areas) of face and neck for 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Apply a warm, damp cloth and press gently into face. Using the washcloth in an upward motion wipe away dirt and makeup, repeat wash cloth 1-2 times if necessary.

ingredients: olive oil*, safflower oil*, sunflower oil*, avocado oil*, castor oil*, vitamin e oil, rosmarinus^, thuja plicata^, galium aparine^, achillea millefolium^, arctium^, matricaria recutita, steam distilled essential oils* / *certified organic ^gatherwise grown **colors may vary depending on the plants used
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