Heart at Ease

Heart at Ease

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Heart at Ease

A heart soothing blend to reduce stress and anxiety.


Fresh Milky Oat Tops - The most effective nervous system restorative we know of. Deeply nourishes the nerves, prolongs circulating dopamine levels, aids deep sleep without being sedative, and boosts libido and virility. Interesting research shows effectiveness treating addiction recovery as well. We feel a particular sense of inner spaciousness and stillness within even amidst chaotic situations when taking Milky Oat.

Passionflower - An important remedy for excessive nerve activity, and can be used to successfully treat conditions such as overthinking, mild insomnia, anxiety, spasms, and cramps. Modern research shows this herb modulates the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA, which our body uses to inhibit excessive neuronal excitation. Its effect in quieting unnecessary mental chatter can be useful to induce sleep, but also during the day to help concentration without causing drowsiness.

Chamomile - A true heart soother, Chamomile calms the nerves and eases irritability. A little known effect is its muscle relaxing effect when used in potent extract form. Flower power.

Motherwort - This impressive plant in the mint family imparts a subtle but profound sense of heart courage. Motherwort boosts Heart Qi, while keeping it steady and stable. We feel uplifted and sustainably courageous when taking this herb.

Lemon Balm - Calms and stabilizes the Heart Spirit. Especially useful when our emotional state affects our digestion, in which it can calm an upset stomach. Lemon Balm lends a sense of spaciousness and euphoria in the heart and mind.

Lavender - Opens energy flow in the entire digestive, heart, and head space. Eases feelings of anxiety while relieving sensations of tightness within the body. Another elegant aromatic herb in the mint family, Lavender helps us feel open and at ease with our surroundings.

Rose - Because you can't have a Heart tincture without adding something in the Rose family. We can all benefit from the vibe of Rose, able to bloom proudly and with unparalleled beauty while maintaining the prickly thorns to ward off guests unwilling to treat them gently.


*This is an improved variation of our Anxiet-Ease and Grief Relief. We combined the effective herbs of each formula and added Fresh Milky Oat to create Heart at Ease. If you have been benefiting from Anxiet-Ease or Grief Relief, this new combination will be even more effective with the restorative and nourishing action of the Fresh Milky Oat.


Suggested Use:

Shake well.

1-2 Droppers, as needed.

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