Four Blessings - Powder

Four Blessings - Powder

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Organic Ingredients

Reishi 8:1 calms heart qi, lowers inflammation of the liver and lifts the spirit. Known as mushroom of immortality for its ability to promote healthy aging. This one is dual extracted (water and alcohol) to get important constituents for this herb to deliver those benefits.

Chaga 1:1 provides unrivaled quantities of antioxidants, which calm inflammation in all bodily systems, and aid recovery.

Lion's Mane 1:1 assists the body's ability to regenerate neurons - facilitating learning, memory and clarity.

Cordyceps 1:1 nourishes the yin and yang of the kidneys/adrenals and lungs, assists in oxygen utilization and promotes resilience to stress. 

The Four Blessings blend is an organic, powdered extract of the fruiting bodies of these four mushrooms. Without extraction, mushrooms are not well absorbed by the body, if at all. No mycellium, no grain, no fillers. 

This powder can be dissolved in coffee, tea, smoothie, or any beverage of choice. The taste is a surprisingly chocolatey, savory flavor that goes well with coffee or cacao or even by itself.


1/4 - 1/2 tsp. One ounce can last a month or longer depending on use.
Sold by the ounce. Packaged in a biodegradable ziplock.

Why aren't these all 8:1 dual extracts anymore?

After reviewing lab results of our mushroom extracts, we found that many of the 8:1 dual extracted mushrooms yield the same or even less of the active constituents. For example, Cordyceps 10:1 dual extract yielded 22% polysaccharides and 1.8% cordycepin; whereas Cordyceps 1:1 yielded 48% polysaccharides and 2.2% cordycepin. This is likely because of the alcohol extraction. Alcohol is great at extracting some constituents, but will denature others. Note: quantity of active constituents will vary from batch to batch.

So, we decided to keep Reishi 8:1 as it definitely benefits from the alcohol extraction, and made the rest with 1:1 versions. That way, Four Blessings will be as potent, or more-so, at a lower price.

We asked the manufacturer about the difference and were informed they mostly make the 8:1 concentrated versions because herbal product companies want to claim they have a more potent product than their competitors. Where, in reality, it may not actually be a superior product. It really depends on the herb or mushroom whether it benefits from alcohol extraction or not.

We're dedicated to staying up-to-date about new research findings and adjusting our offerings to provide the best products we can at affordable rates. Thanks for remaining flexible with us!


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